Thursday, 31 December 2015

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2016


To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go

To right the unrightable wrong
To love pure and chaste from afar
To try when your arms are too weary
To reach the unreachable star

This is my quest
To follow that star
No matter how hopeless
No matter how far

To fight for the right
Without question or pause
To be willing to march into Hell
For a heavenly cause

(From Man from La Mancha)

So here's to a New Year that yearly inflection point, 
in the timeline called life, 
that allows us to redouble our efforts in our respective quests.

Wishing You a very Happy and Joyous New Year 2016

Best Wishes & Regards
Team HCITExperts 

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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Using Hashtags for Content Curation on Twitter

Using Hashtags for Content Curation on Twitter

Source: SocialBites; 60+ Content Curation Tools | Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog

Taking cue from an interesting Article by @JBBC "12 Ways To Search For Health-Related Content On Twitter via Marie Ennis-O'Connor | LinkedIn "

Marie presents a very interesting set of stats in her post on LinkedIn,  
"Twitter’s statistics are mind-blowing. According to Internet Live Stats
every second, on average, 
- around 6,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter which corresponds to over 
- 350,000 tweets sent per minute, 
- 500 million tweets per day and around 
- 200 billion tweets per year!
So, how do you keep up with all those tweets?
Obviously it’s impossible to keep up, but you can handle the avalanche better through a combination of maintaining Twitter lists of the people you follow, health-related hashtags, etc., and using Twitter’s Advanced Search Engine. ", 
end quote.

Source: What Happens on the Internet in 60 Seconds | What's The Big Data?

Keeping this in mind and the opportunity it presents for research and understanding the industry trends, we at HCITExpert, have been trying to Index (so to speak) various articles and shares by the community members on twitter, their blogs, magazine articles, and many other sources we follow; by hashtagging these articles with relevant Healthcare Hashtags used by the community.

And at times are guilty of Tweeting a lot. But hope this post provides an explanation as to our motivation about a lot of tweets from our @HCITExpert account.

Well it goes without saying that there are different versions of the hashtags, but we have tried to select a few and be consistent with those in our effort to share content at the same time continue to hashtag the twitter posts with these relevant hashtags.

Our content curation on Twitter involves using a combination of two hashtags (or more at times). One is the Anchor hashtag and the other one is a context hashtag.

#HITSMIND: The anchor hashtag

We use this hashtag as the main anchor hashtag for all our tweets.

The anchor hashtag allows us to identify the curated content we have been sharing on twitter.

Context #Hashtag

Since we have a content anchor hashtag that identifies the content we have shared via our twitter account, we have been additionally adding one of the "context hashtags" that provides a context to the tweet.
For instance, if the article we are tweeting from a popular content source, is about Mobile Health, we append the tweet with the hashtags
"#mHealth #HITSMIND "

This way the hashtag: #mHealth provides the context and the anchor hashtag: #HITSMIND provides us the ability to find the HCITExpert curated content.

Here is a listing of some of our CONTEXT HASHTAGS that we use to add context to the curated tweets:
During the HIMSS '15 conference, we found a lot of folks had been sharing some very interesting Healthcare and Healthcare IT related stats. We started to make a listing of these as part of a Day - wise blog post. Subsequently we realised the power of #Hashtagging these tweets with the #wallofstats context hashtag. So if you were to head over to Twitter and search of the term

" #wallofstats #HITSMIND "

you will find an interesting list of stats that you could use for your presentations. We continuously keep updating these stats as an when we come across an interesting Health IT related statistic.

The above combination provides us a top level node for all the tweets that are about Healthcare or Health IT Statistics.
We have also added additional context at times to the #wallofstats tweets by including one of the "Context hashtags", for instance,

" #mHealth #wallofstats #HITSMIND"

The above combination indicates that the tweet is a Healthcare IT stats tweet about mobile Health. This presents to us a sub-node to the "#wallofstats #HITSMIND" statistics tweet.

We have also used the Conference hashtags along the the wallofstats hashtag combination to indicate that the tweet was shared during a particular conference, for instance:

#RSNA15 #wallofstats #HITSMIND

indicates a Healthcare or Health IT related statistic that was shared during RSNA15. This is another subnode.

Additional Context hashtags

We have been using to curate the twitter content we share with the community are shared below. Head on over to Twitter and search these hashtags in combination with the "Anchor" #HITSMIND hashtag to review some of our curated content.
           #Telehealth, #Telemedicine
           #DigitalHealth #Startups

The Tweetchats

Tweetchats, Tweetathons are an interesting trend wherein a community gathers online or in person at a specific date and time and share their thoughts around a topic chosen by the chat moderator.

They are a great source of community driven content curation that is close to a topic of discussion.

Here are some of the interesting TweetChats we have been following:

You will get news before news happens, IMHO.

#HITsm: A healthcare IT based hashtag used to share tweets with info and also the weekly HITsm tweetchats every Friday at 11am CST.
#hcsm, #hcsmca : Healthcare Social Media and a derivation for the canadian healthcare Social Media. I have found communities also from South Africa - #hcsmSA, Europe - #hcsmeufr, India - #hcsmin, Australia and New Zealand - #hcsmANZ, Philippines - #hcsmPH
#HealthXPh: is a community hashtag with the tweetchats happening every saturday evening, 830pm PH Time. Experts from Philippines and around the world share and discuss various healthcare and healthcare IT related topics regularly in this forum. The HealthXPh forum is here.
#hcldr: the Healthcare Leaders community is another great community to follow which again has a very active set of members and an equally active tweetchat happening every Tuesday at 830pm ET. Follow their Healthcare Leadership Blog

Other additional Hashtags which are very interesting and with robust communities are: #doctors20, #CMIOChat, #HITMC, #HSASIA, #irishmed

There are a host of Communities and Tweetchats that can be found on SYMPLUR's Healthcare Hashtags

There are some great conference Hashtags which you should IMO keep a close track of for some really amazing content. You can find a complete list of conferences on the SYMPLUR website. Here are some of them we follow:

This infographic from SocialBites aptly defines our content curation process on Twitter.
We found this infographic via the following blog post:  60+ Content Curation Tools | Pamorama | Social Media Marketing Blog


Manish Sharma

Founder, Digital Health Entrepreneur.

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  5. Twitter Background and Header Images
  6. [1510.00249] #Bieber + #Blast = #BieberBlast: Early Prediction of Popular Hashtag Compounds via arxiv .org
  7. #Infographic: 8 tips for live-tweeting health events via HealthCareCommunication .com

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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Top Healthcare & Digital Health Predictions for 2016


Its end of the year, and time to predict and prepare a wishlist for the new year. Even though its the time for ring out the old and ring in the new, according to HCITExperts, there are quite a few things we need to review and go back and take a new and fresh look at existing healthcare technology before we can go ahead and take up new challenges.

However, we start here with the predictions made by some of the most popular resources for Healthcare and Healthcare Technologies in 2016.

The organizations Include: 

  1. Forbes
  2. CIO
  3. Fortune
  4. IDC
  5. Forrester
  6. PwC
  7. Perficient Healthcare (for analytics focus)
  8. Palo Alto Networks (for cyber security focus) 
  9. Dr. Bill Crounse 
  10. DirectTrust's list via (for interoperability focus) 

The forbes Top 10 predictions for 2016 in partnership with Frost and Sullivan and thought leaders were: 
  • wearables, 
  • retail care goes mainstream, 
  • NDB (new developmental bank) invests heavily in healthcare and wellness services for underserved populations, 
  • rapid expansion of private insurance in india, 
  • population health opportunity drives healthcare M&A, 
  • less expensive and point of care testing enables new diagnostic care models, 
  • free preventive care services available to over 90%  in US, 
  • healthcare IoT solutions spur venture capital investments for startups, 
  • Hospitals investing heavily in overhauling and retooling outdated facilities to avoid closure trends, 
  • The global regenerative medicine market to reach $30 billion in 2016. 
You can read the complete report here

The CIOs list of top 5 healthcare technology trends for 2016 were: 
  • Interoperability will continue to be the top priority, 
  • Healthcare consumerism will gain ground, supported by digital technologies
  • Big Data will struggle to prove its value, 
  • More healthcare startups will run afoul of regulators and several healthcare apps will shut down
  • Healthcare technology will be increasingly be run by non-CIO executives
You can read the complete report here

The Top 10 predictions by Fortune were
  • FTC will stop major hospital mergers
  • Wearables become ther-ables
  • End of life care grabs headlines, and hospice usage doubles among ACOs and capitated doctors
  • A major hospital system will divest itself from its employed doctors
  • The insurance innovation craze of 2015 will be a bust in 2016
  • Precision medicine cools
  • Pop Health goes Pop
  • In-person on-demand flops
  • PCSK9 cholesterol drugs make Solvaldi look cheap
  • Employers start to treat healthcare costs as seriously as travel expenses       
You can read the Fortune report here

published a report with the trends for 2016
  • Demand for advanced analytics and new data sources;
  • Movement in the direction of personalized medicine;
  • Security and the effect of breaches in health care;
  • The availability of third platform technology -- which includes mobile, social, big data and cloud computing -- and innovation accelerators to enable digital transformation; and
  • Ubiquitous access to mobile technology (Burghard et al., IDC report, November 2015)
  • Cyberattacks will compromise information on one-third of individuals;
  • Third platform acute health information systems and electronic health records will start to come to market, with early adopters beginning transformation efforts in 2017-2019.
You can access the report summary here and detailed report here.

The forrester report highlights that, 2016 will introduce healthcare organizations to the following issues:

  • empowered patient, triggering changes across technology and business models 
  • interoperability
  • security
  • infrastructure updates related to mergers and acquisitions (M&As)
  • improved business technology (BT) agenda. 

This brief gives CIOs an overview of the major issues that healthcare CIOs will face in 2016 in the realms of data, patient expectations, and where and when patients get care.

You can access the report here

came out with the trends to watch for in 2016, these are: 
  • Consolidation
  • Drug pricing
  • Care in the palm of your hand
  • Cybersecurity
  • Consumerism
  • Behavioral healthcare
  • Care moves to the community
  • Databases improve health
  • Biosimilars
  • Total cost of care
You can access the HRIs complete report of issues here
There is also another summary on the HRIs report by the electronic health reporter here

Perficient Healthcare: 
predictions for Analytics for 2016 are:
  • Align Clinical, Quality and Financial Analytics to Enable Value-Based Care
  • Integrate Clinical and Claims Data to Enable Population Health Management Insight
  • Leverage Cross-Continuum Data Analysis for Improved Patient Care and Outcomes
  • Grow Enterprise Intelligence to Measure and Improve Patient and Organizational Health
  • Utilize Reusable Accelerators to Quickly Achieve Actionable, Data-Driven Insights
  • Use Predictive Analytics to Reduce Readmissions and Improve Outcomes
  • Leverage New Tools and Skills to Transform Large Volumes of Data into Meaningful Information
  • Increase Level of Understanding and Control Over ACO Data and Analytics
  • Develop and Implement a Strong Governance Strategy and Organization
  • Position Big Data Technologies to Enable the Everyday 
You can access the complete report here 

Palo Alto Networks: 
predictions highlighted the top concerns to be cybersecurity related. 
  • The number of breached healthcare records caused by sophisticated cybersecurity attacks will continue to increase 
  • The IoT revolution will take off in the healthcare industry 
  • Healthcare organizations will begin to move critical applications and infrastructure to the cloud 
  • Attackers will look to mobile devices as the next best vector into healthcare networks 
You can read the complete report here

 Dr. Bill Crounse: 
presents his Top three priorities for the new year for healthcare organisations, these are: 

  • Put as much emphasis on improving and modernizing communication and collaboration in clinical workflow as you have on the electronic health record
  • Include digital natives and patients/consumers in your planning departments and board room discussions
  • Embrace the cloud
You can read Dr. Bill Crounse' blog post here

DirectTrust via 
Presented a focus on the interoperability issues due to the move towards a more patient centered focus. Their list of guidance were:
  • Patients and consumers will participate in electronic health data exchange. 
  • 'Freed' data will provide unimagined personal and professional enrichments
  • Federal and state agencies will move toward increased interoperability
  • Meaningful use will face forced, early retirement
  • Security, privacy and identity will reign
  • Direct exchange reliance will continue to increase     
You can read the report at

Additional Reports: 

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8. HIE and interoperability trends to watch in 2016 via @HIEWatch

9. From AI and data science to cryptography: Microsoft researchers offer 16 predictions for ’16

10. CIOs target population health, patient engagement in 2016, see investments pay off via Healthcare IT News

 Keep coming back here to reference these predictions as we will keep updating the list with more information from the various research organisations and thought leaders.

Here's to a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful and a prosperous New Year 2016 for you, your family and your teams!!

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