Mapping New Frontiers in #DigitalHealth by Aparna Kumaraswamy, @swissnexindia

A Focus group initiative by swissnex and industry experts, the article was first published on Nextrends Asia. Its been republished on the HCITExperts Blog, with the author's permission

Digital health has taken firm root in Public health services due to many factors:

• Democratisation of data by rapid growth in telecommunications.
• Increased awareness of health initiatives by the general public, thanks to digitisation.
• Aspiration and upward mobility in all fields, including healthcare.
• Shift towards participative and preventive medicine.
• Increasing investment and entrepreneurship in digital health.

Healthcare initiatives have taken a quantum leap by incorporating many disruptive technologies that seek to aid and empower the patient base by improving access to existing and novel services at lower costs.

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Nursing professionals in Health IT- A Dream to Dream by Medha Verma

“To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books.” 
― Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol

The quote aptly fits in when talking about ‘Health informatics’ that has slowly and steadily entered healthcare. Nurses were at the forefront when this happened. The history goes long back when the first computer was introduced to wireless devices that nurses use in patient care now.

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Use of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Delivery by Dr. Sandeep Reddy, @docsunny50

In recent years, there has been an amplified focus on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in various domains to resolve complex issues. Likewise, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is growing while radically changing the face of health- care delivery. AI is being employed in a myriad of settings including hospitals, clini- cal laboratories, and research facilities. AI approaches employing machines to sense and comprehend data like humans has opened up previously unavailable or unrecognised opportunities for clinical practitioners and health service organisations. Some examples include utilising AI approaches to analyse unstructured data such as photos, videos, phy- sician notes to enable clinical decision making; use of intelligence interfaces to enhance patient engagement and compliance with treatment; and predictive modelling to manage patient flow and hospital capacity/resource allocation. Yet, there is an incomplete under- standing of AI and even confusion as to what it is? Also, it is not completely clear what the implications are in using AI generally and in particular for clinicians? This chapter aims to cover these topics and also introduce the reader to the concept of AI, the theories behind AI programming and the various applications of AI in the medical domain.

Keywords: artificial intelligence, healthcare delivery, medicine, machine learning, deep learning, intelligent agent and neural networks

This article is the chapter 6 by Dr. Sandeep Reddy from the book, eHealth - Making Health Care Smarter

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Healthcare Decoded – The #Analytics Conundrum by Harish Rijhwani, @Harish_Rijhwani

If we want to start using Analytics in India, one of the areas to focus on can be in the area of Diagnostic Analytics. We can leverage Transfer learning in this area as there are many pre-trained models leveraged by others and available. 

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The National Collaborative Initiative for Interoperability By Aniruddha Nene, NCII

Current Status in India

Indian healthcare informatics is at the point of inflection,with the government finally taking firm steps, towards becoming an active regulator and payor. The policy maker is finally in the process of becoming a facilitator for collaborative efforts for this massive exercise.

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