National Digital Health Blueprint Mind Map - 2019

Directions to View the MindMap (best viewed on a laptop/ desktop): 
[1]: The mind map comes with a zoom-in zoom-out buttons on the top right of the mind map. You can also click on any of the nodes, once the node is selected, You can toggle the left side panel at any time by pressing `Tab` on your keyboard or clicking the three gray dots to the right of the panel. 
[2]: On a laptop or desktop, when you select a node, you can also click on the TAB button to view / hide the information pane on the left hand side of the mind map
[3]: You can search for specific terms and the mind map will show you the nodes that reference that particular term.
[4]: Mouse over a node (on a desktop/laptop) shows you the mapping to the related nodes

[2]: Press Release, PIB: 

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