Architecting Innovation Portfolio - Part 3, By Prashant Joglekar @ideabound

Technology needs to be viewed from the function it delivers to a product or service which satisfies a market need. Technology can be leveraged by innovating on various business model elements

This is in continuation with my last two posts. 

The first one was architecting innovation wherein I discussed how organisations can architect innovation portfolio for them to begin their innovation journey & stay on the course, its a plan that they would like to build on. 

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Architecting Innovation Portfolio - Part 2, By Prashant Joglekar @ideabound

Sense The Wave : Understanding Consumers Better Than They Understand Themselves

This is in continuation with my last post 'Architecting Innovation Portfolio'. 

The first inspiration 'Sensing The Wave' has two components under it, the first of which is sensing the consumer signals to build innovation around it, the second one of-course is sensing the 'technology' wave which I will cover in the following posts. 

In this post, I am focusing on the consumer angle. The method / approach is very unique and fast replacing or have replaced market research by decoding & coding deep customer motives across generations and thinking styles. This becomes a good starting point to a question 'what does customer really wants' 

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Architecting Innovation Portfolio - Part 1, By Prashant Joglekar @ideabound

Organisations innovate through its people

When organization’s leadership expects people to innovate it makes them tad anxious as most of them start thinking about Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Elon Musk. They think that as an individual they may never be like them, but we often forget that all these greats were like us before they attained the greatness. The quality of being a contrarian has put them in the north star position.

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