A Conundrum called “Business requirement Document” alias “BRD” by Dr. Chandrika Kambam. @ckambam

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Over the last couple of years, I had an opportunity to work closely with information technology (IT) team on various initiatives that we undertook to improve and support our business processes. I was the bridge between the team that executed the services on the ground and the technology team that put these systems in place. What I have observed is that very few systems meet 100% customer expectations in one go. There are always reiterations, innumerable versions of the systems that are released, before it meets even 90% of the end user needs.
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Containing Health Care Cost, What is our role as a Physician? by Dr. Chandrika Kambam @Ckambam

Indian health care is at an inflection point. Today governments’ spending on healthcare needs is one of the lowest amongst the Developing countries [1]. India spends about 5% of the total expenditure on Health which is around 1.7% of the GDP. Public healthcare growth has slowed down over years. In 1998 about 43% of population was served by Public Hospitals and today only 30% use the Public health care system. [2] That means almost 70% of the health care needs are serviced by Private players, trust hospitals and non-profit institutions. This has led to the rapid growth of Private players who are growing at the rate of CAGR 16.5% year on year [3]. The costs of procedures or hospitalization has increased anywhere from 83% to 263% in 10 yrs. i.e. 2004 to 2014. There is also a wide variation of the cost for the same procedure in different hospitals [4]. It is also noted that 86% of rural Indian patients and 82% of urban Indian patients do not have access to any form of employer-provided or state-funded insurance.

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