A Conundrum called “Business requirement Document” alias “BRD” by Dr. Chandrika Kambam. @ckambam

#Healthcare IT, #Gap in Healthcare IT, #failed IT projects, #Cost of failed IT projects

Over the last couple of years, I had an opportunity to work closely with information technology (IT) team on various initiatives that we undertook to improve and support our business processes. I was the bridge between the team that executed the services on the ground and the technology team that put these systems in place. What I have observed is that very few systems meet 100% customer expectations in one go. There are always reiterations, innumerable versions of the systems that are released, before it meets even 90% of the end user needs.
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Successfully Implementing #HealthIT: A Health Informatician's perspective by Dr. Thanga Prabhu, @thangas

A fresh approach to HCIT product development is required where the product can quickly meet the clinician’s need. Actively involved clinicians, HCIT trained manpower and HCIT aware clinicians can transform healthcare today; it is not an option but an idea whose time has come

IT is an enabler of change and not the change itself. When customers look at IT as the one solution to all their problems, it is set up for failure from the beginning. Introducing an IT system necessitates an in­-depth study of existing workflows, roles and responsibilities and change management aspects in every speciality.

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