#Infographic: The 6 Forces Transforming the Future of Healthcare by @visualcap

Source: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/6-forces-transforming-future-healthcare/

Disruptive technologies are advancing healthcare at an extraordinary pace.
By 2020, there will be 50 billion devices connected to the internet, and many of these devices will be tracking the health data of individuals. This will empower consumers in an exciting way, but it will also fundamentally shift how healthcare companies work and interact with their customers.
Today’s infographic comes to us from Publicis Health and it is the introduction to a seven-part series about the future of healthcare, and how companies will have to adapt to stay relevant.

The Changing Customer

The smartphone boom has changed the consumer experience in practically every industry, and it is now cascading into the healthcare market:
76% of consumers expect pharma/healthcare providers to provide services that help them manage their health.
59% of consumers expect their healthcare customer services to be as good as Amazon’s.
76% of consumers expect pharma/healthcare to understand their individual needs.
In other words, the traditional healthcare model no longer aligns with the consumer mindset.

The Six Forces

Publicis Health, a global leader in health, has identified six transformative forces that healthcare companies must address to gain a competitive edge:
1. Data Activation
Data reveals truths. A robust data strategy fundamentally shifts how company manages their brands.
2. Workflow-Empowered Solutions
The patient experience will be at the center of a seamlessly connected workflow of information, with integrated electronic health records (EHR) that document more than just visits to the doctor. The proliferation of EHR opens new opportunities to service healthcare professionals and patients.
3. Content Strategy
Consumers want their healthcare information and insights delivered in a personalized, engaging, accessible, and dynamic format.
4. Intelligence Services 
Consumers want the healthcare industry to “find, know, and help” them, using past behaviors and AI to anticipate their current and future needs.
5. Clinical Trial Recruitment
Finding the right patients remains a major challenge for pharma. New technologies and patient engagement strategies are greatly reducing the time and inefficiencies of clinical trial recruitment.
6. Sales Model Transformation
As AI takes hold and directs more automated Rx decisions, it will be more than just about relationships but also about relevant skills to make use of the new tools, while preserving the need for human touch.
Together, these forces build the transformative foundation to better performance, customer experience, and health outcomes.
This is part one of a seven part series. 

The Article was first published on The Visual Capitalist, its republished on the blog following the guidelines specified by Visual Capitalist. Author of the Original article is Jeff Desjardins
 Jeff Desjardins on @visualcap

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#Infographic: Technology Innovation in Public Health, Learning from INDIA via @InnovatioCuris

Infographic Source: Reaching the unreached through Technology Innovation in Public Health Learning from INDIA, Dr. Sanjiv Kumar & Dr. V K Singh - http://innovatiocuris.com/webinars/

Infographic Source

We came across a great presentation on "Reaching the Unreached Technology Innovation in Public Health - Learning from India", via the InnovatioCuris.com webinar conducted by Dr. V K Singh along with Dr. Sanjiv Kumar. 

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#INFOGRAPHIC: India's Unique Challenges in Healthcare Delivery by @iamGuruprasadS

Information sourced from ICTPost.com
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#infographic: IoT in Healthcare, Types of Opportunities

Infographic: IoT in Healthcare: Types of Opportunities

To develop an IoT based solution like TRIVENI, it is important to understand the market opportunity. In this infographic we leverage information from various reports that define the market opportunity that allow for the development and investment in such a solution

We present the total economic impact of IoT in the Healthcare Industry as also the types of opportunities that can be explored by Healthcare Technology vendors


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  1. 7 Types of Cyber Threats
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#Infographic : Healthcare breaches by the numbers

Recently a report stated $15, as the cost of each healthcare record stolen. The #Infographic was developed based on the article,

Healthcare Breaches by the Numbers by Bernie Monegain @bernie_HITN in Healthcare IT News


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#Infographic : 7 Types of Cyber Threats

  • 61% of business leaders see cyber as a serious business threat, 
  • 140 countries business leaders say cyber threats us highest concern
  • $445B estimated annual toll of cybercrime on global economy
  • 67% of enterprise organisations believe that the threat landscape is worse today than it was 2 years ago - ESG: Threat Intelligence as part of Cyber Situational Awareness
Cyber Threats have been increasing over the past years. It is important to therefore understand what are the types of Cyber Threats that one must guard against, personally and as an organisation.

We prepared this Infographic from an article that appeared in Healthcare IT News, by @SullyHIT titled '7 cyber threats worst than PHI a summary of Richard Clark's talk'


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