Philips Digital Healthcare Conclave 2017 #ConnectedCare In Focus by Sagay Mary, @hisagay

What if expensive, specialized patient monitoring systems in ICUs could be replaced with discreet sensors that transmitted all the vital health data directly to the doctors’ smartphones? What if the data could be analysed to deliver intelligible insights as well? Not only would it ensure better quality of care, it would also help bring down equipment and overhead costs for the hospital by eliminating expensive equipment and by even allowing patients to be cared for at home. The good news is that, this is not a hypothetical scenario but a real possibility as technology makes connected healthcare a reality.

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Philips Digital Healthcare Conclave 2016 by Sagay Mary, @hisagay

 The future of healthcare is here and it is up to all players in the sector to leverage emerging technologies to improve the quality and reach of care

What if you could consult your doctor from the comfort of your own home? Could a Star Trek like future with sensors assisting doctors to diagnose disease come true? According to the industry leaders gathered at the Philips Digital Healthcare Conclave 2016, the day is not far when both these scenarios and more, will be the reality of healthcare. 

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